The Good News is Your Nonprofit Achieved 100% Accuracy on Your Reporting. The Bad News is You Have Been Measuring the Wrong Things.

Business leader and philanthropist Bill Gates said, “I have been struck again and again by how important measurement is to improving the human condition.” Thought provoking, isn’t it? I wonder what questions the founder of the largest software company and largest private foundation in the world would ask your nonprofit (or the one you fund). […]

What Gets Measured in All Six Areas of Nonprofit Operations Ultimately Determines What Gets Accomplished and How Much Funding You Receive

All Nonprofits want to operate effectively and efficiently. Most do not. According to the Harvard Business Review, 94% of all managers assume that they are operating above operational competency. They are not.  Given its systemic nature, this must be an extremely difficult problem to solve. It is not. What Gets Measured Gets Managed The complete […]

Best Practice “Recognized Expert” Becomes #1 Best Seller on Amazon’s Nonprofit Fundraising List

When a book about Nonprofit best practices by one of our Recognized Experts hits #1 on an Amazon’s Best Seller list, it’s worth celebrating. The book is 101 Biggest Mistakes Nonprofits Make and How to Avoid Them, by Andrew Olsen, CFRE and friends. This book is brimming with fundraising best practices and helpful instruction to remedy 101 […]

Best Practices for Inviting an Outsider Inside Your Nonprofit Organization

There are many reasons to consider inviting an Outsider inside your organization. Most always, it involves a specific outcome or objective that you need or desire to achieve. Are your donations lagging? Do you need fresh messaging? Have you lost key employees? If you already possess what needs to be accomplished inside your organization, you […]

There Are Only Three Ways to Increase Your Nonprofit Fundraising Revenues

With hundreds of fundraising tactics to choose from, how great would you feel if you could walk in perfect assurance that you were making the right choices? There are so many choices to choose from, aren’t there? You could increase your Facebook advertising. You could create a new landing page. You could raise your major […]

Why All Nonprofit Best Practices Are Not Created Equal

With hundreds of Best Practices to choose from, it is incumbent on the Nonprofit leader to carefully consider which Best Practices to prioritize for their organization as some are more important than others.  In other words, depending on the situation, some Best Practices should be weighted higher in order of importance. In reality, by selecting […]

Why Your Nonprofit is Probably Operating Below Operational Competence Levels? (Part 2)

It’s the Leader’s Fault The best Nonprofit leaders understand that a good strategy and a healthy culture ultimately control the level of operational competence your organization will achieve. Strategy decides your flight plan for organizational effectiveness, impact and sustainability by intentionally mobilizing people, allocating resources and implementing systems to arrive at a predetermined destination. Culture, […]

Why Your Nonprofit is Probably Operating Below Operational Competence Levels?

Have you ever met a Nonprofit leader that intentionally manages below operational competence? Neither have I. The problem is that only 6% of managers actually perform above operational competence. (Source: HBR 2017) 94% of all managers mistakenly assume that are above average in operational competency. They are not.  Is it any wonder that most Nonprofits […]